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Cole Seeley

Cole Seeley

Cole Seeley

Cole Seeley

Cole Seeley

Cole Seeley

Cole Seeley

Cole Seeley #194

DOB: January-19-1994

Academic Achievement:
Grade: 11th
Achievement: A
Effort: A
Absences: 0
Sports: Cross Country / Track

Classes: 250cc Stock and Modified B Class, Open B Class and Schoolboy

My Rides: Honda CRF250R Stock and Modified

Background / Commitment:
I am seventeen years old; I live in Corona, California. I am very committed to motorcycle riding/racing. I practice a couple of times a week on the local tracks and race on the weekend. I am a very dedicated, responsible and honest person with a great attitude and I truly believe that if you want to be good at something you have to work hard at it.

Season Goals:
- Place within the top five at all the races that I participate in.
- Focus, stay healthy and have fun.

Current Sponsors:
My current sponsors are; my Parents and Grandparents, Torco USA, Acerbis, Answer Racing, Bill's Pipes, Dunlop, EVS, Excel Rims, (FX) Factory Effex, RK Chains, Scott USA, Tag Metals and Twin Air

Current Series:
Glen Helen REM / Vet-X

Current Success:
Just recently moved up to the intermediate class

Favorite Tracks:
Glen Helen Raceway / Cahuilla Creek / Mammoth

Favorite Race:
Mammoth Mountain Motocross

Favorite Magazine:
Transworld Motocross

Favorite Truck: White Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner Lifted

Cole Seeley

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