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Racewerkz Engineering

Racewerkz Engineering

Redline Season Finale 2013

We just wrapped up the 2013 Redline Time Attack season and I am pleased to announce that we are RWD Modified Champions as well as, just by a hair, Overall Modified Class Champions. This marks our first season championship and it came down to the last event and only a few points separated us from second and third place. We did break the track record by about 100th of a second only to come in second place overall after the last session to an M3 that I built...oops. We suffered several issues throughout the day including poor tires, differential, and of course a wastegate flange that broke and left us without boost. Luckily this being Fontana, we were able to run back to the shop, grab our tig welder and weld that sucker straight to the manifold. Due to the fact that we could not get clutch packs for our differential, I bought two stock ones (assuming there was no way one would make it through the day) and said let's go. Aside from all of this, the event went decently well. I am in an odd place about the end result. Happy that one of our cars won and we clinched a solid first and second finish as well as the season championship, but I want to win, so it is not as fulfilling as I had hoped. I see it as weakness in the s2000 and know what needs to be done for next season. Everyone will keep getting faster and so shall we.

I really want to take a minute to thank all of you individually for your continued support throughout the season. Without the contribution of each and every one of you and your respective companies, we would never have broken any records, won the season, or much less won as many races as we have.

Yukio, our turbo has been through hell and back. We couldn't have abused it more if we hit it with a hammer, but that's about it. I felt it yesterday when we had it off the car at the track and it felt good as new. A truly amazing product -- thank you for giving us a shot this year.

KC, you gave us a chance years ago when no one else would. APR was my first real sponsor and I thank you so much every day for always helping us with everything. I still cannot believe how many times this car has hit things and the original splitter is still on. The car stays planted thanks to you and APR.

Luis, you are always there for us making sure that our cars can put the power down and you have never come close to letting us down. I wish you would make differential clutch packs; I would never have to worry about it breaking again. Seriously though, differential clutch packs! lol

Ernie, we have been plagued with engine issues before. This year though, while everyone else was in the pits with blown motors (some multiple times), we were, well, still in the pits but with blown diffs... Our engine ran better and longer than ever before and never once showed one sign of premature wear. Thank you as well for supporting us through all the tough times so we could show some potential.

Erik, we only recently met at the end of last year, but dealing with you and Stoptech has been an exceptional experience rivaling only the gentlemen and companies listed before and after you in this email. Somehow, when we were struggling to compete we used to change pads and rotors every other event. Now that we're running record times with Stoptech's, we made it an entire season on the same set of pads and rotors you sent us at the beginning. Thank you for giving us a chance and helping us win.

Freddy, we also just met at the beginning of the year. And like Torco, you and CP/Carrillo also played a huge part in keeping our engine strong and taking all the abuse we could throw at it. Thank you as well for giving us a shot!

Thank you all so much, it's been a great season that seemed shorter than ever before. We'll be back next year stronger and better than ever. Possibly campaigning two cars, who knows. We're working on getting all the pictures gathered now and I hope to have them to you by tomorrow; I just wanted to reach out with a brief recap and thank everyone as personally as possible.

Before know as GMR Motorsports:
GMR won the season opener with at Wsir. GMR went into unlimited rwd class with confidence and smashed the competitors by over a full second. gmr

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