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Hentgs Racing

Hentges Racing

Shakopee, Minnesota (March 21, 2012)

Hentges Racing ended the 2011-2012 ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross Series in a big way this past weekend with history in the making. The riders and team dominated races, point standings and said good-bye to long time Pro and three time champion TJ Gulla.

For the first time since sweeping both Pro championships in 2009, the team has won a championship. Kody Kamm cleaned house on the Pro Lite competition this year. He only missed the box a couple times. Seasoned Pro, Brett Bender finished 9th in the Pro Open championship. Hentges Racing's own TJ Gulla retired this weekend riding through injuries. He won the Pro LCQ Sunday putting him into a tough Pro final where he rode his last Snocross race as a Pro.

The temperatures were in the 80s all weekend at the Nielsen Enterprises Grand Finale in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It was amazing that the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross Series was able to put on a snowmobile race of this caliber. Needless to say, it was far from a typical weekend of snowmobile racing and everyone enjoyed the weather.

Big things are in the making for the kid that doesn't seem to slow down. Kamm came into the weekend simply hoping there was a track to ride on and it was an awesome track. On Saturday Kamm won both the qualifying heats and the final. "I see there is nobody there and I just keep going fast," said Kamm about the competition and his race strategy. His Pro debut on Sunday was a little tougher. "Every lap I was waiting and waiting for the checkered flag. It was definitely a long race" said Kamm about his lead and win in the Pro final. The Hentges Racing team is proud to have him.

Brett Bender had a rough weekend. Saturday he ran into trouble with the competition during qualifying when Malinowski landed on the back of his sled, followed by a few other big off's. Then the pain continued to follow on Sunday when Bender crashed out in finals. "In the finals I got piled in and rolled over," said Bender. The track was rough, the roost was brutal and the competition was fighting for everything and anything. It was a disappointing way for him to end the season, but he "is ready for next year". TJ Gulla had a long and successful, 15 year career with most of those years a part of Hentges Racing. It was a long time-coming decision to finally retire. "The most exciting part of this weekend was to see Kody win the final," said Gulla.

Next season is going to be an exciting one! We will keep you all posted on what is going on this summer with the team, upcoming news and information about next season on the team Facebook page. We look forward to our fans interacting with us all year. Just because the snow isn't falling doesn't mean you can't continue to follow us!

Videos added on Hentges Racing Channel
The exclusive pit report videos from the Lake Geneva Grand Finale have been uploaded on the Hentges Racing YouTube TV channel. Each race day throughout the season the riders chat with the team's very own pit reporter about what happened throughout the day along with on track footage. All the videos this season can be viewed on Youtube as well as Facebook.

Hentges Racing YouTube ChannelFacebook page


Kody Kamm Climbs the Podium! Shakopee, MN March 8th, 2011
Kody Kamm found his way to the Semi Pro Stock Podium in the early stages of his young career. Kody started the season racing Sport before he joined Hentges Racing at Fargo.

Kody had shown poise as he picked his way through the field from a mid pack start to make a pass on the last lap to move him into the second place position behind Judnick's Mike Bauer. Great race for spectacular young rider!

Brett Bender also showed off his speed this weekend in the Pro Stock class and worked his way from fifth into second when he executed a textbook block pass and an unnamed Artic Cat rider drove through the rear/side of his sled taking the both of them out of the race.

TJ Gulla is battling a shoulder injury and added to it this weekend when he was landed on his hand requiring a few stitches but it was not broke.

Hentges Racing is excited to return for the home show in the Twin Cities area next week at the inaugural Elko Speedway event.

The ISOC series rolled out to a beautiful new stadium near Salt Lake City Utah and brought an incredible one day show filled with great Pro and Semi Pro Racing! The state welcomed the series with a speech from the Governor and the fans filled the traditionaly soccer stadium with an attendance of nearly 10,000 people at the Saturday night show!

Brett Bender had a day filled with tough luck that found him tipped over in the first corner of the Pro Open final. Bender got back up and was posting some of the fastest laps of the race but was already a lap down. Brett continued to ride hard and make the most of it. Bender won the second heat of the Pro Open qualifying but looks to the homecoming for Hentges Racing in Shakopee to shed the bad luck and get back on track!

The National Guard/Polaris alliance with Judnick Motorsports put on a great show with Ross Martin claiming a second place in Pro Open and taking over the points lead in that class while Mike Bauer continued his domination in Semi Pro Stock #1 with another win! Mike is undefeated in that class and is looking extremely strong!

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Brett Bender

Birthdate: 12/7/86
Age: 23
Hometown: Boston, NY

Born and raised in the hills of boston, and attended High school in orchard park.

How you got started in your career
Ever since I was little I have always been around the sport of snowmobile racing, and it's been in my blood since birth. When I was twelve my dad took me took a local race where we bumped into a friend of his. He was racing his ski-doo 440 in the pro-class and asked if i wanted to race in the junior division with his sled. I quickly answered yes and raced that day. Soon after, we bought a polaris sled and have been racing ever since. I raced the eastern circuit until I got picked up by the factory, and have been racing the WPSA national tour ever since.

Highlights of your career or favorite moments
Theres a lot of moments in my career that mean a lot to me. The ones that stand out the most are getting 9th overall in Hillcross at the winter Xgames, Semi-pro Rookie of the year in '05, and Second overall in '06-07 in the Semi-pro Open class. I will also be competing in the '08 Winter X-games Snocross, and the Semi-pro class on the WPSA tour.

What you do in the summer to stay prepared for winter?
During the summer I race dirt-bikes to keep my conditioning up, and train in the gym as much as I can. I also mountain bike, ride 110's, and hang out with my friends. The huge advantage of our job is we get to travel all the time and see new places. But the summer is a good time to catch up with friends and family because were always on the road, and it's definitely nice to get home. Snocross to me is a job, but it's the best job I could have asked for.

2007-2008 Results

Duluth - 2nd in Semi-Pro Open, 1st in Semi-Pro Stock

2008-2009 Results

2nd Place Pro Open
Won the last 3 Pro Open Races of the Season

TJ Gulla

Birthdate: 3/20/81
Age: 28
Hometown: Jericho, VT

How you got started in your career
My dad had bought a sled for me when I was 16 to keep me in shape for motocross and for something to keep me busy in the winter time. We went to a local race and had a blast so we raced all winter. From there things just snowballed.

Highlights of your career or favorite moments
The biggest highlight of my career would have to be winning the 2005 Prostock championship.That was a big accomplishment for me. Also last years pro open win at lake Geneva.

What you do in the summer to stay prepared for winter?
I race motocross in the summer in the Northeast. Go wake boarding as much as I can. I also mountain bike I have lots of trails by my house for that stuff.

2007-2008 Results

Duluth - Pre-Qualified for X-Games, 6th in Pro Open, 4th Pro Stock

2008-2009 Results

Pro Open Champion
3rd Pro Stock



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