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Team Inline4


APRIL 27, 2010 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Team IL4 Racing is proud to announce their 1st place win, with the No. 88, IL4 Racing “FF Battle Spec” Civic hatchback at the Redline Time Attack, Round 3, held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conditions were very hot and dry as you would expect from the desert with on track temperatures from 90 to 115 degrees. This was the first time at this track, as it was for our driver, Tetsu Fukui. With this in mind, we wanted as much seat time as possible to help us learn the configuration of the track and also dial in the car’s suspension. We departed from Garden Grove, CA early Friday morning around 2am PST and reached LVMS around 9am PST. We immediately unloaded our enclosed trailer and started to prepare our race car.

As in all Redline Time Attack events, one or two days following the main event, are set aside for “test and tune”. On Friday, Tetsu started out with a 2.03.114 and did consistent 2.02’s until we made some changes that got us down to a 1:57.699 as Friday’s best.

On Saturday, Tetsu managed consistent 1:55’s and eventually hit a 1:53.731 for the day’s best time. We had Tetsu drive the car without the front splitter, so he can get used to how the car handled this way. Once the front splitter was installed, we dropped down to the 1:53.731 and Tetsu came into the pits with a smile from ear to ear. “The car hardly pushes anymore” he said with excitement. This change was very confident inspiring and set the pace for Sunday’s first two qualifying sessions of the race day.

On Sunday, we dropped another second off our times and was able to stay consistent in the 1:52 second range. The other two qualifiers in our class were the Sport Car Motion, Kraftwerks Supercharged K24 powered 92’ Civic hatchback and a privateers PeakBoost Turbocharged 2004 Civic hatchback. Both cars were making in excess of 350whp. As underpowered as we were, we didn’t have the “heat gremlins” that plagued the forced induction cars that weekend. Our K-series power unit stayed cool , consistent, and reliable. We also were able to make up a lot of time in the turns, as our car was setup very well for this track configuration. Sunday’s competition was very close and fierce. All three qualifiers were in the 1:52 second range with only tenths and hundredths separating 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. After the first Time Attack Session, the Sport Car Motion Civic had some issues and had a DNF, which left us to battle the privateer 2004 Civic hatchback. On the final Time Attack session, we listened carefully each time our competitor crossed the finish line. We heard 1:55 for the first lap for our competitor, then Tetsu with a 1:52. The second lap was 1:53 for our competitor and Tetsu’s lap went unannounced, due to a timing issue. With no time to complain, we listened to the 3rd and final lap of our competitor which was a 1:52. As Tetsu flew by on the final race lap, we heard “Tetsu Fukui with a 1:51.500”. We all jumped up and down, ecstatic and excited to hear the time we ran, which gave us a 1st place finish for the FWD Modified Class.

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