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Kristoffer Palm

Kristoffer Palm



At Racetown 395 last Sunday Transworld had their Muscle Milk Spring Series.
On my bone stock Kawasaki 250F I went 1-1 in 250 intermediate, and 1-1 in the 450 intermediate class.

2011 Las Vegas



2011 March Oak Hill GNC Champions

Another year is done at Oak Hill for the 35th annual GNC International Final. As always the talent showed up prepared to conquer the Texas track. Despite some wind all week long, the track was good.
Kristoffer Palm was very strong in the C class but, he did not have luck on his side on the 250, and Palm would take two 450 C titles. A few of this years C riders will definitely be guys to watch out for when they move into B and Kristoffer Palm would be one to watch out for.

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