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Mactec is a Torco distributor in Thailand. Mactec is a supplier of high-end products imported mostly from the US including all engine hard parts, racing gears, and engine lubricants. It took Mactec only six months to place Torco as the top choice of high performance lubricants for racers and car enthusiasts. Mac is one of the top engine builders, tuners, and racers in Thailand. Some racing teams, engine builders, and even car enthusiasts in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East have flown him in to tune and work on their racing engines. Mac also has a racing team consisting of six circuit racing cars and a couple of drag racing cars where he races some of the vehicles himself.




Torco is excited to see some very impressive numbers coming from Mactec's Civic Del Sol Race Car after their very first test session. The initial testing saw remarkable numbers right at the 700 HP range. We also spoke with Mac from Mactec and he shared with us that the final goal from all the testing is to get the Civic Del Sol to the 1,000 HP mark. We are confident that the crew over at Mactec will be able to reach their goal. Listed below are some of the specs and products that Mactec uses in order to reach their goals. Mac and the team at Mactec know how important quality race products are in able to reach the levels it takes to achieve success in this type of racing. Torco is proud to be partnered up with Mactec and will continue to support them in their endeavors.

Engine H23A

Arias piston 87.5mm, R&R aluminum rods, ARP head stud, Calico engine bearings.
Brian Crower valves +1mm, Spring & Retainers and camshafts turbo spec.
AEM cam gears, Excessive 58mm intake, 80mm Throttle body.
Garrett GTX4094R, Tail MV-R, Air to liquid intercooler.
Tilton twin plate metallic clutch, G-Force 4speed dog gear set.
Bosch 044 fuel pump x 2, DW 1300cc injectors, DTA fast ECU.
M&W Prodrag 4 CDI.
Pertronix 60000v coils.
Pump gas 95 with Torco UL Accelerator at 20:1.
Engine oils: SR1 20w50.
Gear oils: RGO 85w140 because Dog box, G-Force recommended 140.
Boost 1.5bar.
Test results: Around 700 HP for initial test.
The final built engine will have around 1,000 HP before the engine is ready to race.

hoda H23A



Circut Racing

2011 March 18-20
°C (100° F) with very high humidity. Each team came with high hope to capture the first prize of the year. Mactec race team came in full force taken first place in Vios 1,600 CC with Mactec/Torco #111 and first place in 1,500 CC Honda Single Cam with Mactec/Torco #11

Nitto 3k Circuit Race

Drag Racing



nissan z drifting
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