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Mr. Whippy drag Racing Team

Mr. Whippy Racing Team

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2 Jun 12
Mr. Whippy Racing Team from Malta driving by Mr. Monty Bugeja set European Union (EU) best record time of 5.292 seconds at Santa Pod Raceway in United Kingdom with estimated horsepower over 3,300. According to the team, it is the fastest for a top methanol dragster outside of the U.S. Please join us to congratulate Mr. Whippy Racing Team……..

The Team: Mr. Whippy Racing Team

Owner: Joe Carabott

Driver: Monty Bugeja

Crew Chief: Remigio Arapa

Crews: Charlie Draper, Mervin Cassar, Sammy Cianter, Emanuel Pavia, Larry Mangion, Arnold Farrugia and Vince Carrabott.

Engine builder and tuner: Norm Grimes.

Chassis builder: Rick Santos

For engine oil: Torco TR-1 Racing Oil SAE 50 or SAE 60 depending on weather.

Lenco CS2 gearbox: Torco MTF

Rear differential: Torco RGO Racing Gear Oil SAE 250

Assembling engine: Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube for most engine parts, Torco HP Assembly Lube for valve train and hard to reach part with Torco Spray Lube.

Maintenance: Torco PL-50 Penetrating lubricant along with Torco Contact and Brake Cleaner.

The team is now on its way to Finland for their next race.

More Photos:

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