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Peck Racing Team

Torco products used: Engine: TR-1 60 • Trans: MTF • Diff: RGO 80w90

2015 National Championship
Kahea Woods - 1995 SUZUKI GSXR 1100
With much excitement I am happy to pass along the news of the Peck Racing Team winning the 2015 NHRA Heritage Series 7.0 Pro Class National Championship.

Going into the final race of the year at Famoso Raceway located in Bakersfield, California at the 24th Hot Rod Reunion we were 23 points behind the points leader with the rained out final round from the Salt Lake City, Utah race to finish during Saturdays qualifying. Unfortunately we lost that final round which set us back in the points even more, there was no more room for errors, we now would need the points leader to go out in the early rounds of competition and we would have to go at least five rounds out of the six to gain enough points to claim the Championship. As fate would have it the points leader bowed out in the second round and we raced hard round by round to claim the Championship. I am very proud of our team and appreciate all the hard work they did during the season.

Thanks so much to Torco USA who helped us with TR-1 Engine Oil, RGO Gear Oil and MTF Transmission Oil, these products endured a full season of hard racing without any lubricating issues whatsoever.

Best Regards,
Michael Peck
Peck Racing

2013 March Meet

We are very excited to come out as champion of the 7.0 Pro Class. Considering that the car had been completely disassembled and reassembled over the winter months, it was somewhat risky driving 1,100 miles without doing any testing, but I felt confident in my workmanship and that we could get the car close to the 7.0 elapsed time in order to be competitive throughout the event. We left home Sunday morning and arrived in Bakersfield, Monday evening. We made our way out to the track Tuesday morning and checked in. Since we registered for the event last November, we'd hoped to have a decent pit spot, but instead discovered that we were pitted past the quarter mile end of the track.

Wednesday was test day and we ran the car on a skeleton crew which included my wife, Wilma, and daughter, Natalie. Our first pass out of the trailer resulted in a 6.90 ET, which was a little too fast for the 7.0 Pro index, but I was very satisfied with that number since it was the very first pass on the car after extensive service. After making some adjustments we made run two. Unfortunately, the car rolled through the staging beams, therefore we did not get an elapsed time on the second run. Thursday, we got one qualifying run and I decided to slow the car down to get on the 7.0 side of the number, which turned out to be a 7.10 and was the #2 qualifying spot, but I had some good data to look at and adjust the car as needed.

Saturday afternoon was to be our second and last qualifying run, but it didn't happen. When we were pulling to the head of the staging lane, the CO2 line for the Lenco Transmission blew out of its fitting at the steering wheel, emptying the CO2 tank. We tried valiantly to repair the problem, without success. Sunday afternoon saw the first round of competition. We faced a door car which qualified #20, but did not take this car lightly since you never know what your opponent can pull out of the bag. It turned out that he was off the 7.0 number as we ran 7.09 on the brakes. In round two we were faced with racing veteran Russ Parker, in the High Bucks Two funny car. I knew that we had to be on our game with this car as he ran a 6.98 second pass in the first round. It was a close race to the 1000 ft mark and he seemed to slow as our car was pulling away for the win.

Round three, we matched up against the #2 qualifier out of North Dakota. This was an extremely important round as the way the eliminations ladder shaped up, the winner would have a bye run into the final round. This race was won on the starting line as a big hole shot led to another victory. In round four we decided to stage the car and break the beams for the easy win and prepare for the final round. The final round looked to be very challenging as were paired up against Bobby Cottrell who had been running very strong and consistent. In the end, Bobby had a slight starting line advantage but about 300 feet out something broke in his car which led us to the winners circle, running a 7.02 elapsed time.

To make the long haul of 1,100 miles was very worthwhile and winning the 55th Annual March Meet is definitely over the top. I am so proud of my team and family for making this win so special.

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