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She Devil Racing

She Devil Racing

Torco products used: Engine: TR-1R 60 • Rear Diff: RGO 85w140 • Other: EAL, EAL HP, MPZ Spray
UK Torco Supplier: NimbusMotorsport.com

FIA European Championships Final

Here we are again! The car is all serviced up with yet another change to the valve train to try and make them reliable.

We arrived on Wednesday to pit up and settle in, and you could tell in the air that it was going to be a good weekend.

Thursday arrived and so did more of the crew and we were able to add the last remaining parts to the car -- the parachutes, wheelie bars, and headers so the car was ready for qualifying on Friday.

Straight out the box on Friday, our first pass in the left lane nets us a 6.40sec at 234mph, which was quickly followed by a faster pass in the right lane of a 6.11sec at the same 234mph, putting us 5th in the field at the end of the day.

We serviced the bearings overnight, checked the valve train, and also made some small adjustments to the clutch.

After a long wait in the staging lane on Saturday, we were back in the left lane and this time ran a 6.04sec at 229mph, which moved us to 4th in the stagings, but then back to 5th by the end of the day, and the pairings were set:

-- Johan Lindberg v Jurgen Nagel

-- Leif Andreasson v Steph Millam

-- Danny Bellio v Gareth Ellis

Upon checking the motor and servicing for the next day, we found that on the last pass we had suffered more cylinder head damage that excluded us from continuing the next day. The disappointment was huge.

We were so looking forward to going into the eliminations, as the previous rounds had been rained off. Needless to say, we will return and this time with spare heads and more parts.

Have a great winter and see you all next year! Roll on 2015!

FIA European Championships Round 1

What can we say…WE DID IT!

After ten years of trying to reach that illusive 5-second pass, we finally did it with an outstanding effort by the team.

The weekend was a mix of emotions with the finals being rained off and only having one pass on Saturday for the qualifications, but the main stage in the roller coaster was achieving the best pass She Devil Racing has ever achieved.

Beating Jergans German team to the finish line with a 5.98sec at 235mph pass, the crowed, commentators, and team went crazy when the timing gates flashed up with the magic number.

To get us there, we had changed a few bits in the car like the lower gear and a change in the ignition, but it wasn't plain sailing as we had to change the ignition again after only running a 6.60sec at 221mph on Saturday.

In the second pass on Sunday, we were stuck in the left lane which is notorious for its uneven surface. Even though Steph lifted at the 1,000ft we still managed a 6.04sec. Data from that pass showed that we were faster at each stage than the 5.98, so going into September for the final of the Championships at Santa Pod we know we have more to give.

I would like take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support through the ten years it has taken us to get this far. We could not have done it without you all.

May 2014

It's that time of year and the FIA European championships are starting. With the fantastic results from the Festival of Power in April, it was a fairly straight-forward service for the car. With a new set of Hooziers, new Blower belt, and a fresh delivery of Torco we are all set for this weekend.

We have changed a few things on the car to try and keep the nose down and get a decent wheel speed. So we can improve our hit off the starting, to hopefully get a decent pass, we have added half a turn on the clutch and lowered the 1st gear and we have also increased the PSI in the tires.

The trace from this season and last season events showed that 1.1 seconds into the run we were having issues with the wheel speed dropping and causing the nose to rear up again, so we have moved the first lean out to also let Steph get the car down the track.

There have been a few changes for this event but let's hope that they work and get us down the 1/4 in a PB and in one piece to take home. We will be back with an update after the race.

April 2014

The end of last season ended with a bang. We managed to get a good top speed for the weekend at 233.96 MPH at a 6.09 1/4 mile which was only a few MPH off our best at 238, and our best time at 6.0001 1/4 mile.


The start of this season saw us go to the Festival of Power at Santa Pod Raceway. With successfully qualifying to the semi-finals with a 6.19 1/4 mile at 204 MPH we were all set for some quick times.

Unfortunately, the Semis and the Finals were rained out so we came in 3rd on the weekend with the ET of 6.19 1/4 mile.

The next race is the first round of the FIA European Championships in May, so we will be back with an update on the car.


We are a Top Methanol Funny Car team from the little town of Crowborough in Sussex, UK. Based in a shed and workshop in the driveway of founder and owner, Dave Milam, his wife Steph Milam is the fastest, female funny car pilot in Europe. Piloting at speeds of 0 to 190 MPH in 4 seconds, she will fight anyone that stands in her way for the finish line.

The Crew are all from the surrounding area and consist of 5 dedicated team members. Dan, Denroy, Nick, Arron, and Toby all work hard alongside their day jobs to get the car and pilot down the other end at break-neck speeds.

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