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Doc B Racing - Road Racing

Tom Bork • SCCA Road Racing

Torco products used: Engine: SR-5 20w50 • Trans RTF • Diff SGO 75w90

Team: Doc B Racing
Hometown: Fairport, NY
Driver: Thomas Bork
Crew Chief: Frank Swiader
Crew Members: Tim Deasy, Martin Zinser, and Adam Bork
Honorary Crew Chief: Stan Bork

Series: Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship (www.touringcar.ca)
Class: Touring
Recent race history: 2007 CCTCC 4 top tens and 1 top 5, 2008 5 top tens and 1 top 5, 2009 2 top tens and 1 top 5 (in only 5 races)

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z road racing

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