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Wimer Racing Nostalgia Eliminator Racing Team

Wimer & Darien A-Fuel Nostalgia Dragster Ė 2015 Season Report

Wimer Racing Nostalgia Eliminator Racing Team 2015 was a learning experience for the Wimer & Darien A-Fuel drag racing team. The team, and tuner Jerry Darien, worked hard to understand the intricacies of the nostalgia A-Fuel set up and that our new car wants to run fast. With each pass down the quarter mile, we collected more data and worked to refine our tune up. The carís potential is really beginning to show. Our fastest elapsed time of the season was 6.35 seconds at nearly 225 mph! Although our ace driver, Casey Grisel, did not score any wins in 2015, we won enough rounds to finish 5th in the NHRA Heritage Series national points standings. We are looking forward to the 2016 season which starts in January.

The Wimer & Darien Nostalgia A-Fuel drag racing team relies on Torco TR1 70 wt racing oil to keep our nitro motor alive. We are proud to be part of Torcoís racing legacy!

Las Vegas Test

It was cold! We made three full pulls and didn't hurt any pistons! Now we just have to get it to run about 3 tenths quicker!
Wimer Racing Nostalgia Eliminator Racing Team

New photos of the car  

Tony Wimer Scores Another Win!

Tony Wimer and the Wimer Racing team traveled north to Sacramento Raceway Park for the next race in the 2012 NHRA Heritage Drag Racing Series. The teamís hopes were high after their win at the last race in Las Vegas. Coming into the race, Tony was in first place in the championship points - a mere 18 points ahead of our second place competitor. Daytime temps were well over 100 degrees and the track conditions were a real challenge for all teams. Tony qualified fourth in the field with a stout 7.615 et. Final eliminations began in the heat of the day and continued late into the night. The team really worked hard to prep the car between rounds making an exhausting 11 passes over the two days. The race was decided by a mere .002 of a second - with Tony taking the win over Dan Schrokosch in the final round! The team was exhausted and elated with the win. Tonyís win moved him into a commanding lead for the 2012 Nostalgia Eliminator championship!

Our next race (and our last points race of the season) is October 6th and 7th at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California. We have our sights set on the 2012 Championship!

Tony Wimer and the Wimer Racing team rely on Torco products (TR1 50wt and HiVis ATF) to keep their 1000 horsepower dragster running consistently pass after pass.

Report from midpoint in 2012 season

2011 was a great year for Tony Wimer and the Wimer Racing Nostalgia Eliminator racing team, winning one race and finishing second in the always competitive NHRA Nostalgia Eliminator class. The Nostalgia Eliminator class is open to all front engine dragsters and altereds running against a 7.60 second index. No electronics are allowed and the races are often won and lost by less than a few hundredths of a second!

We are just past halfway through the 2012 racing season, and so far, the car and driver are performing well. We started the 2012 season at the 53rd annual March Meet held at the legendary Famoso raceway. With over 50 nostalgia eliminator cars all fighting for a place in the 32 car field, many teams did not make the show. Fortunately, Tony qualified solidly in the field and won his first round of eliminations before a standing room only crowd on Saturday night. If you have never been to a March Meet - you are really missing some great racing! Tony got down to the final 8 cars before being eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Next, the team traveled to Speedworld in Phoenix Arizona for the Arizona Fuel & Gas Championship. In Phoenix, the team was eliminated in the semi-finals but gained valuable championship points. Leaving the track, the tam was tied for third place in the season championship.

In May, Tony and the team were featured in the July issue of Drag Racer magazine (on newsstands now). The article traced Tony's driving career from junior dragsters to an 180 mph front engine dragster with lots of great action shots from the track.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the team competed at the Rockabilly Hotrod Reunion held at Los Vegas Motor Speedway. Tony and the team performed flawlessly and scored another win! The win brought another Wally trophy home for the team and pushed Tony into first place in the championship points!

There are two more points races left in the series - the Nostalgia Reunion at Sacramento in July and the season ending Fall Championships at Famoso in October. Tony and the team are determined to win the 2012 Nostalgia Eliminator championship!

Tony Wimer and the Wimer Racing team rely on Torco products (TR1 50wt and HiVis ATF) to keep their 1000 horsepower dragster running consistently pass after pass.

Report from 2011 season

Tony Wimer and the Wimer Racing Nostalgia drag racing team have completed their 2011 racing season on a high note. The team competes in two nostalgia drag racing series - the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Drag Racing Series and the ANRA nostalgia drag racing series.

In the NHRA series, we had a few mechanical gremlins early in season. Despite the setback, Tony drove with a mission the rest of the season and with his skill and a little luck, we posted a solid second place in the NHRA championship points standings. Even better, we closed the season with a win at the NHRA Nostalgia Fall Championship held on October 16th at Famoso Speedway. A NHRA Heritage Series win means Tony has added another Wally trophy to the case!

In the ANRA series, we did not score any wins, but with a runner-up and semi-final finish, the team moved up in the championship points standings and ended the season in second place.

We are looking forward to a strong 2012 racing season!

Wimer Racing Nostalgia Eliminator Racing Team

Summer 2011

We went to Las Vegas for the NHRA race and the following weekend to Bakersfield for the ANRA race. We lost in the semi finals at Las Vegas. The good news is that the two guys ahead of us in points both lost in the first or second round. We went into the race 26 points (3 rounds) behind first place. We came out of the race only ten points behind first - that is only one round! We have a real shot at the championship. We do not know if there are one or two races left in the season. The Fontana race was cancelled due to continuing noise issues. We do not know if the race is cancelled or if it will be rescheduled for another track. We will be headed to Sacramento in mid-July for the next race.

As for the ANRA race. We qualified next to last due to some tune up issues. But we got our act together in eliminations and made it all the way to the final round. Unfortunately we came out on the losing end of a double break-out! Tony carried us most of the day.

Drag Racer magazine has decided to feature our car and team in an upcoming issue. They had a photographer at the track taking a lot of pictures. It should be out later this year.

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