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Triple Nickel Racing

Triple Nickel Racing

Torco products used: Engine: TR-1 20w50, ZEP, Accelerator • Trans RGO 85w140 • Diff RGO 250


Triple Nickel Racing is the racing team of Triple Nickel Resto | Race | Fabrication. Three friends got together, each with a similar dream of building a car to race in the Baja. Not only that, they wanted to be able to race in more than one kind of event. A 1964 Ford Galaxie, three motor heads, a little pocket change and twelve months to the next Mexican 1000. They kept the body, the bumpers, the stock frame, some factory chrome and tossed the rest. They began designing, cutting, welding, and re-designing. The suspension is a complete one off with Fox, King, Deaver, and a lot of steel. At 5,500lbs with 13 inches of travel, the car can definitely clear a case of Tecate. Under the hood sits a 427 Dart stroker. QuickTime bellhousing, McLeod twin disc, and a big spline toploader back up the 427. Those are the basics. Running three different events will take multiple tire/wheel combinations, gear changes, suspension changes, other modifications, and just plain sweat. The dirt, the rock, and the unknown of the Baja, the driveline stress of the Famosa drags, and the aerodynamics of Bonneville Speed Week are the goals for this year. 2013 is going to be a lot of fun with an odd car, an odd set of events, and an odd team!


Triple Nickel Resto | Race | Fabrication officially opened in June of 2012, taking on many different kinds of custom car projects. René Aguirre, long time auto repair shop owner, needed a place to take on the increasing demand for fabrication and custom work. A talented fabricator, Eric Dove, with a garage in Nevada City provided the right location at the right time. Another talented fabricator, Joe Thompson, was in between projects and came on board. Over the years, each of these motor heads has done their share of racing, auto restoration and custom fabrication. Since making Triple Nickel official, they have taken on a variety of different projects – installing a custom roll cage in a vintage Mini Cooper, turning an Arctic Cat into a Baja ready chase vehicle, frame fabrication on a 1938 Dodge rat rod, and many more.

The Team

René Aguirre – Owner, Builder, Driver
René was a motor head from the time he could walk. During his teen years, he modified and wrecked his share of American muscle cars – street, drag, and road racing. René took a break from four wheels in the mid-nineties to take on motorcycle racing with AFM. He consistently finished in the top ten in the 600 Production and 600 Super Bike series. René continued to remain competitive in the Formula 40, 750 Superbike, and Open Superbike classes. Not getting enough of motorcycle racing on the road courses, he got into dirt bikes. He competed in many enduro and dual sport events. After many broken bones, he has jumped back into the four wheel arena. When he is not working on the Galaxia de la Baja, he owns and operates The Mechanic, a foreign and domestic auto repair shop in Lafayette, CA.

Eric Dove - Builder, Driver
Eric began racing dirt bikes and cars in the early 70s. He welded up his first roll bar for his first race car, a 1965 Mustang coup at 15. Eric raced his Mustang in the late 70s with SCCA and NASA events. He took three first place finishes in the NASA series and one first place finish in the SCCA series. Continuing his racing career, Eric became an instructor and tech inspector with the Green Flag Racing Association. He also continues to participate in rally races with a 65 Mustang Convertible. During the mid-80s, Eric got involved with enduro motorcycle racing. It wasn't long before he won the AMA National Enduro Series in the Open B Class. Continuing his success in enduro racing, he became sixth in the nation in 1993. Today, Eric still owns the 65 Coup, constantly designing, and re-designing for more racing. 

Joe Thompson - Builder, Driver
Joe began his racing career in his early teens. He started on BMX bikes quickly competing at the pro and expert levels. He also raced downhill mountain bikes, motocross, and go-karts. Joe began fabricating in his early teens, building go-karts and mini-bikes. During his twenties he continued his fabrication work, building wake boarding towers, race car cages, custom off road suspension and also did other design work. Continuing with his racing experience, Joe got into the off road racing world in 2009 at the Best in the Desert, Vegas to Reno. He continued his desert/off-roading experience with the King of the Hammers in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Triple Nickel Racing

Triple Nickel Racing

Triple Nickel Racing

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